Best Ways to Use Your Journal to Reduce Stress

Best Ways to Use Your Journal to Reduce Stress
Best Ways to Use Your Journal to Reduce Stress

Most people realize that jotting down their thoughts helps them get out some of the emotions they’ve been feeling. You might take out a notebook when you’re feeling down and start writing about negative events that impacted your day. While this is fine for facing anxiety in many situations, there are some other ways to use your journal to reduce the stress you’re experiencing.

Writing a letter to an ex is one of the best ways to use your journal. You never have to send it, but just knowing you can get all the things you’d want to say to him down on paper is a good feeling. Make it as short or long as you want, as long as you write every possible thought down. It helps give you closure and see exactly why he’s your ex in the first place. You can even burn the note when you’re finished to really get some satisfaction from the act.

People often use their journals to write about the negative aspects of their lives. Instead of talking about the bad things that happened in your day, write about the good. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to focus on the positive. Just discussing one encouraging statement from a friend, one cool activity you completed, or one other happy thought from your day could help you experience some relief.

Take out your journal anytime you see fit and jot down anything that comes to mind.


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