Don’t Let New Year’s Resolutions Haunt You Again This Year

How to be happier
How to be happier

We all know that by the end of the year, many of our goals and resolutions are left abandoned and unachieved. So, at the end of the year, we’re faced with the consequence of having to reset our goal(s). The truth is that resetting goals, will do no good. If we’re not actually achieving the goals we’ve set the first, we’re not progressing in life, rather we’re going backwards. Progression is the key to maturing, strengthening, and growing, but without reaching our goals, how is it possible to grow? Well, it’s just not.

This is why we all need to start taking initiative with our goals. (If you’d like an extra hand in meeting your goals, try out Wellness Goals.) For even more motivation, here are a few goal ideas to grow into a better version of you.

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