Scorpio Horoscope

Oct 18, 2018… Scorpios don’t be alarmed if you’re feeling extra moody or emotional today. Tread carefully as it won’t be just you who’s on edge. Even if you get a dose of bad energy yourself, remember that you can use even negative energy to get things done. Those who’ve learned to channel good and bad energy can power ideas and actions even in a crisis. So don’t get too hung up your feelings today, but do imagine how you’ll feel after having a super productive day.

Today’s Soul Advice: In our society, we are encouraged to compete with others. If we can’t come in first, then we’re left feeling like we aren’t doing good enough. Some interpersonal competition is good, but remember that every person has different strengths. Instead of competing with others, compete with yourself. Work every day to be better than who you were yesterday!

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